Self-Confidence Through Continuous Experiential Exercise

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Dexter Ico is a Confidence Coach who creates an empowering space for self-actualization.

What is impressive about Dexter, beyond his videos themselves, is his humanist approach to his clients, their goals and his work. In an age of isolation and a lack of authenticity in much of our communications, Dexter chooses to assist clients in getting to the core of their enthusiasms, passions and beliefs. This approach helps him to capture the light that people have within them. To say that this approach is tremendously positive in helping people intuitively "get" you and open themselves to possibly buying something from you - without you having to be something you are not - is very freeing.

Sheryll ReidCity of Toronto

(to agent) One of the reasons I hit my marks on my monologue as well as I did was due to the coaching help I got from Dexter.

Mark HazelActor

Hysterical!!! Crazy!! I look nutty, and real, and funny and I love it!!! Dex you rock!
The girls at my shop watched it and I think the best comment I got was from one of my closest co-workers, "You are so cool- you are like my hero!"
WOW! Thats a goodie!
Thanks for helping me to connect and create positive emotions in others via video. I enjoyed it.

Kim Judkins-BonadioBrand Ambassador

The final exercises went far beyond the merely technical, letting us explore and clarify our goals in speaking. For many of us, this involved finding the courage to take off our masks and connect with the audience on a more personal level. Dexter is an extremely patient and motivating coach, and he encourages us to help one another too, by talking about what we are experiencing, both as speakers and audience members.

Kaia VintrWorkshop Student
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Fun Factor First

Speak from the heart, because we all listen from there. HOW we say things, especially nowadays, is more important than WHAT we say. Do you agree?

As a video producer of over 15 years with a knack for coaching, I help people actualize who they really are by providing a space for their values to be voiced.

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