I'm totally amazed at how awesome Dexter's piece was!
Seriously I need to buy that man as much beer as he wants to drink. I'm kind of humbled.

Pete Forde

Hysterical!!! Crazy!! I look nutty, and real, and funny and I love it!!! Dex you rock!
Thanks for helping me to connect and create positive emotions in others via video. I enjoyed it.

Kim Bonadio

Dexter Ico is a filmmaker of more than 15 years. He’s also a coach and has a knack for bringing out the best performances and candid expressions out of people on camera or on stage. He’s a creative thinker who conceptualizes ideas and writes scripts as well as exercises that empower his coaching students through self-expression. All in all, he’s a sharp guy with a big heart.

I Empower People Persons


Pete Forde is a born programmer. Interviewed by Michael Dila, we follow Pete from the local coffee shop to his office rooftop picking his brain. And he sums up his programming passion with this one statement: “People sharing is how you actually move past all the bullshit.” ~ Pete Forde.
Also, check out his photography website below.