The Need For Human Connection

Is Only Getting Stronger

Embody Your Higher Self


Connection Needs Expression

Once we love ourselves, people no longer look good to us unless they are good for us.

I help sensitive & depressed people transform trauma into meaningful connections & more loving relationships

Dexter Ico

Self-Empowerment & Relationship Coach

Coaching Style

Appreciative Inquiry

Your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and convictions are what I continually ask about for you to realize the answers within you. Your intuition knows what's best.

Guided Self-Actualization

Expressing what is repressed is key to awakening your higher self. Expression exercises cultivate self-awareness and your connection with others.

Practice Driven Results

I facilitate, not pontificate. You shift your behavior from intuition, then recalibrate every day. Your words, direction, and vision are reinforced as motivation.


Neurodivergent • Multipassionate • Empath • Spiritual-Oriented • Critical Thinker • Artist • Man of Principle • Old Soul • Peaceful Warrior • Active Listener • Generator 3/5 • INFP-T

I have been empowering people’s sense of self for over 15 years on camera and off. From introverted artists to rigid CEO’s, I have a knack for unlocking the authentic voice in my clients resulting in the actualization of who they truly are, so their communication with others is felt. I’ve helped actors land auditions, children overcome shyness, and corporations connect with their customers through video marketing.

On a personal note, I’ve overcome childhood trauma from parents who were hurt children themselves, and now have a loving relationship with them. I’ve overcome a chronic auto-immune disorder, psoriasis, and chronic depression, by forming healthy habits and reinforcing a healthy outlook on life. And, I have a wealth of love and gratitude from friends, family, and clients.

Important things we write down; the most important, we don't. ~ Dexter Ico



Sheryll Reid

In an age of isolation and a lack of authenticity in much of our communications, Dexter chooses to assist clients in getting to the core of their enthusiasms, passions and beliefs.


Kaia Vintr

Dexter is an extremely patient and motivating coach, and he encourages us to help one another too, by talking about what we are experiencing, both as speakers and audience members.


Kim Bonadio

Thanks to you both for helping me to connect and create positive emotions in others via video. I enjoyed it.


The Power of Human Emotion

to Enliven One's Life

Childhood trauma and difficult life events can hinder our ability to form healthy and loving relationships. It can leave one struggling with such issues as trust, vulnerability, and authentic communication. Feeling unseen with friends and family while desiring meaningful connections becomes the norm.

Your search for help is a fight against apathy, and a desire to live and love to your fullest potential. You seek experience over expert advice; someone with the ability to see your truth beyond the egoic walls and gardens that protect them. Because you are rarely ever tested, asked, or encouraged, the truth of who you really are, what you stand for, and what comes naturally to you, is dying.

You recognize this as the distinction between a life and an existence; one you live, and one you live through. To feel the gravity of such a concern is to know the value of your life as a powerfully personal experience. This is the essence of all your knowing, and all you need to know. It is a compass to be read by your intuition.

Any path worth following is never straight. Once you've reached a certain level, another level presents itself. Your external reality is ever-changing, but when you are anchored to the foundation of who you really are, you become the change you want to see and not the victim to anything out of your control.

Remember, a negative experience is more valuable than a positive one if seen as a lesson or a guide. Decide from a state of peace to work through your own suffering until the amplification of your self-awareness disidentifies from it.

As your coach, I walk you through your own walls and gardens for you to share your discoveries; to choose what stays, to change what doesn't, and to hold you accountable to congruency with your external challenges, guided by your compass.

It is simple. But, as you know, nothing worth having comes easy... at first. When it becomes easy, you will desire to level up and expand your experiences. This is the correct way to see the potential of your essence.

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